Origins 2006 - Day 3

3 minute read

Day 3 meant final day for me as I needed to scoot back to Oregon to get ready for Boy Scout summer camp with Jacob – I’m going to join him for 4 days out at ...

Origins 2006 - Day 2

1 minute read

I’ve got a Flickr photostream setup for the Origins photos I’m taking… I’ll just post a few photos here to highlight the games I played today. I had a pure c...

Origins 2006 - Day 1

2 minute read

I’m able to mix some business with pleasure this week.  I’m here in Columbus, OH doing some customer visits but I’ll be able to squeeze in about 2 days at th...

Boardgame Feed Aggregation

less than 1 minute read

Now this is pretty cool.  Nice work Aldie.  I particularly like the newspaper-style layout.