BGG.CON 2013 Wrap-up

Kohle And Kolonie

BGG.CON 2013 Wrap-up

BGG.CON 2013 did not disappoint and I have no plans to stop attending in the future. Looking back on my posts from past years brings a mixture of longing for the intimacy of the first few and admiration for how far the BoardGameGeek team has taken this event.

I had time on my own for the first time in a while at this convention and it was a nice change having to find open tables and new people to play with. It is easy to become insular having a small group of friends that I typically game with and I had very pleasant experiences in my games with strangers during the first 2 days. It was also great to finally play a game again with two fellow Oregonians, Lorna and Jeff, whom I see far too little back here in the NW. Still, I mostly appreciate the time I get with old good friend Jim Ginn and new good friends Mark and Mike.

Jim and I ate at the hotel exclusively this time and did not regret it. I tried the buffet dinner once and was surprised with the quality, and the food we ordered in the bar was always good and service was excellent. The beer is very expensive ($7 for a 12+ oz pour) but to be expected in a hotel bar. Overall I think BGG.CON has found a nice home. It sure is nice to be able to walk to the hotel straight from my arrival gate.

Games I'm Eager to Play Again

  • Mage Wars -- I'm tempted to purchase this game but may try to play it with Matthew first. I love the spellbook idea and the strategic outlook that brings.
  • Eight-Minute Empire -- Hard to resist a 15 minute expansion and area control game with a tight economic system.
  • Core Worlds -- Very fun deck builder but do I need it if I already have Thunderstone with expansions?
  • Lewis & Clark -- If I had a maybe category this would be in it, but I do want to try it again now that I have a better grasp on the mechanics and better opening play. I think this was the heaviest game I played all weekend.
  • Trains -- Simple game that feels very much like Dominion but has enough extra going on with the board to be worthy of its own place on my shelf. Should I wait for Trains 2 though?
  • Clash of Cultures -- This might replace the two Civilization games with maps in my inventory (but not Through the Ages).
  • Rialto -- The only light Euro that I played but I liked it very much. Cool card mechanisms.

Games I'm Fine Not Playing Again

  • Amerigo -- Too long for what it is and no real story arc. I can see how some folks will really enjoy this game though.
  • Patchistory -- Wait for version 2 before attempting this game.
  • Kohle & Kolonie -- A decent enough game but not my cup of tea.
  • Nations -- I did like it but on reflection I think Through the Ages is similar enough yet superior.