Critters of Southern Utah

2 minute read

I think this will be my last post on our southern Utah adventures of early 2021. I don’t carry my Canon gear and long lenses with me as much as I used to; ...

So How Was Van Life?

5 minute read

In a word: amazing. Better than expected with surprise ancillary benefits.

Bryce: Fairyland Trail to Tower Bridge

1 minute read

My one demand as we concluded our trip with the drive from Escalante to Las Vegas was a brief stop at Bryce Canyon National Park. Julie’s was a Diet Dr. Pe...

Escalante: Backpacking Coyote Gulch

5 minute read

We are in love with Coyote Gulch. This hike earned a “top 5 ever” list for us, and we were actually hard pressed to list four hikes we’ve done that were be...