Posts from 2010

New Blogging Host

less than 1 minute read

After nearly 7 years of hosting my own DasBlog instance I've moved to a new blogging host. No more manually purging logs, worrying about .NET upgrades, etc. ...

Recent Gaming

2 minute read

Life is a bit less hectic these days, which means gaming activity has picked up. I’ve managed to host a few different gaming sessions and even attended one a...

BGG.CON 2010 Report

5 minute read

I thrust myself back into the world of gaming this weekend with my return to BGG.CON 2010. This convention keeps me coming back largely because of it’s simpl...

Games I want to play at BGG.CON 2010

2 minute read

This Wednesday I return to Dallas for my fifth BGG.CON, having missed only the 2006 event (too much hangover from Essen that year!) (you might enjoy reading ...

Week 2 and 3 Updates

1 minute read

I'm behind on game updates – let’s catch up on games 2 and 3. Game 2 – Tigard We played a very strong Tigard team a week ago and came up short, losing the sp...

Football Highlights

less than 1 minute read

I put together a highlight film of Matthew’s first three games. He is enjoying being back in the fullback position and getting the chance to carry the ball. ...

2010 Season - Week 1 Report

2 minute read

Football season is in full swing which can make it hard to keep up with posts here. I’ll try to at least do a weekly update on how our prior game went and my...

Featured Cat of the Day: Sammi

less than 1 minute read

Oh, and we went rafting on the White Salmon last weekend. We didn’t flip and swim at the last waterfall, but this group did:

Return to Keuka Lake

less than 1 minute read

After missing a trip to lake in 2009, we returned for a full week in early August. I posted a full set of photos on Flickr - still to come are some portraits...

Living in a Mac world, 3 years later

3 minute read

Three years ago I purchased my first Apple computer, a MacBook Pro. This computer is still my primary work computer and is holding up very well. I’ve had to ...

Track Season is Over

1 minute read

Jacob opted out of baseball this spring, which makes me a bit sad but also a bit proud - he’s recognizing the value of (relative) downtime and grew weary of ...

Basketball Season Update

1 minute read

We are nearing the end of basketball season for both boys (young men?). They’ve both progressed very well this year, and I’ve been able to spend a lot of tim...

BGG.CON 2009 Wrap-Up

2 minute read

I’m only about a month late on this wrap-up. Maybe two. Though my trip to the convention was shortened by a day and a half due to work commitments, I had a g...