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After missing a trip to lake in 2009, we returned for a full week in early August. I posted a full set of photos on Flickr - still to come are some portraits I did of the boys. Activities enjoyed this year included:

Fearless Wake-boarding

20100806-Keuka Lake-251

Aggressive Water-skiing

*20100806-Keuka Lake-64

Sailing the Flying Dutchman

*20100804-Keuka Lake-78

Battle Tubing

20100805-Keuka Lake-117

Hanging out with Little Kids

20100805-Keuka Lake-546

Gully Hiking

*20100806-Keuka Lake-166

Casual Portraiture

*20100805-Keuka Lake-555

Wacky High Dynamic Range Photography

*20100806-Keuka Lake-219-Edit

Dragging Behind a Boat Standing on a Chair Placed on a Wooden Disk

(who doesn't do this, right?)

20100801-Keuka Lake-154