Crayon Rails for Windows XP

less than 1 minute read

This went under my radar, but a recent post in the BGG forums brought it to my attention.  Check out this crayon rails implementation for Windows XP courtesy...

International Gamers Awards - 2005 Finalists

1 minute read

As announced on the GameWire, the finalists for 2005 are out. Nobody asked for my opinion, but here goes.  In the General Strategy category, I’ve played 6 of...

Gathering of Engineers

less than 1 minute read

There’s a new group gaming weblog on the block ( feed ).  Yeah, it is a bit “me too” but I still think it will be worthwhile and fun.

SimplyFun Game Night

6 minute read

SimplyFun is a relatively new game company with a novel business model – direct sales of games through SimplyFun independent consultants (similar to Tupperwa...