Moon House Ruins

One of our few fixed, pre-planned trips on this month long adventure was a visit to Moon House. This ruin is notable enough to require permitting to limit the number of visitors. Each photo I show will gradually zoom out. Above you can see Julie at the entrance to one of the individual chambers.

Here you can see me along the row of inner rooms. This is by far the largest, mostly intact structure we've seen in Cedar Mesa.

Above is Julie near the door that takes you into the inner hallway shown in the first two photos. This was the jaw dropping moment for both of us: going through this door only to find multiple chambers inside. And a bat!

The structure above was a least 100 hundred yards away from the main ruin, around the corner on the same ledge. Julie is pointing to the detail work on the lintel above the door. Tiny white tones arranged to make a dotted line above the door.

This is the view from across the canyon of the main ruin. The doorway to the back chamber is almost in the middle of the photo.