I like to host an annual gaming event at our Salishan beach house but had to skip last year after starting a new job. The last event was in December 2008 and I'm thrilled to have my next one coming up this weekend. The crowd will be a bit smaller than usual, but that's no problem as we have good numbers (7-9 depending on the day) for a wide range of games. KC and Rita are driving out with me Thursday late afternoon and should get some lighter 3 player gaming in that first night.

Our gaming appetites are usually bigger than we can usually digest in a weekend. We have a geeklist over at BGG to track the games we want to play and coordinate the "big slots" for the meatier games. I'll be thrilled if I get to play the new Civilization game and finally get around to playing Friedrich.

I also need to squeeze in a six mile run - Julie and I are running a 10k on Superbowl Sunday and I don't want to miss a week.