I’m playing with Google’s NotebookLM. It was a challenge to find the right sort of Google account to gain access. My university’s enterprise account doesn’t allow early access to tools like this. My personal domain account won’t let me access because I don’t pay for any of the enterprise features. I reverted to my old gmail account and it worked.

I decided to point a notebook to my archive of newsletters to see what insights it might have. It is also a way for me to self-critique my own writing. One disappointment: I don’t think I’m vulnerable enough and honest enough about sharing struggles. I’ll try to do better.

Below is what NotebookLM had to say about my interests. Pretty spot on. In addition to the text, within the Notebook there are citations pointing to the source (newsletter) of the insight.

Chris’ Interests

Travel: Chris enjoys traveling with his wife, Julie. He often shares his travel itinerary and details from his trips in his newsletters..

Family: Chris mentions his children and grandchild often and seems to prioritize spending time with family.

Reading: Chris regularly reads both fiction and non-fiction. He categorizes his reading and offers commentary and opinions on his selections in his newsletters.

Golf: Chris is an avid golfer, referencing his golf game frequently. He sets goals to improve his game, takes lessons, and tracks his progress through his handicap index.

Board Games: Chris frequently plays board games and video games, sharing his experiences and game selections in his newsletters.

Music: Chris is a music lover, attending concerts, listening to new artists and albums, and creating playlists. He includes these music experiences and recommendations in his newsletters.

Technology: Chris takes a keen interest in technology, particularly software and artificial intelligence. He has experience in the field and uses his newsletter to comment on topics such as personal knowledge management, cloud computing, and the impact of large language models (LLMs) on education. He appreciates tools that enhance productivity and enjoys sharing his insights and experiences with his audience.

Philanthropy and Effective Altruism: Chris is interested in effective altruism (EA) and using evidence-based approaches to maximize his philanthropic impact. He is intrigued by the intersection of rational thinking and doing good, exploring organizations like GiveWell and Open Philanthropy to guide his charitable giving.

Current Events: Chris often shares and provides commentary on current events, particularly those related to technology, politics, and social issues.

In addition to the interests listed above, Chris demonstrates an inclination toward personal growth and self-improvement, frequently reflecting on his habits, routines, and goals. He uses his newsletter as a platform to document this journey, sharing his experiences and insights with his readers.