I doubt we'll get too far this weekend, but Jacob and I started a game of WWII: Barbarossa to Berlin this afternoon. I traded away Paths of Glory (a WWI game) a few years after one play, thinking that if I play a theater-wide game it should be WWII based on my tastes.

Barbarossa to Berlin

Jacob is playing the Axis, I'm the Allies. We are fumbling our way through the rules and myriad special cases but so far so good. We are still in the first turn so not much to say yet. Basketball tournament and NFL playoffs got in the way of much progress today, but we will start again in the morning.

Some initial thoughts:

  • It seems next to impossible to play this first time through with two newbies without missing some nation or turn-specific rules.
  • I'm glad we are just playing through it and checking things as we go. We are both comfortable stumbling into and making some mistakes.
  • We didn't read the cards ahead of time, so half the fun will be seeing what comes up and what the relationships are.
  • I'm sure we will get burned by supply rules at some point, but what game have I ever played that involves supply where this didn't happen?