BGG.CON 2008 Wrapup

(Don't forget to check out my 2007 BGG.CON wrap-up)

BGG.CON continues to impress and remains at the top of my list of conventions to travel to, surpassing Origins, Gen Con, and even Essen. Jim and I solved the food issue this year by always eating in at the hotel (despite many generous offers from those with vehicles!) and I fully expect to return next year.

Already Own and Thrilled I Do

Agricola - Deserves to be at the top of the geek. This will be the first longish game to make my dime list in a single year.

After the Flood - This will be the game to play with my wargaming buddies when we have three people.

Canal Mania - Evergreen game of canal building in the UK. A game I'm always willing to play and it gets better with time.

Dominion - How will this hold up over time? Reports are that it is showing its age and may lack replayability. I'm still having a ball playing it.

Race for the Galaxy - Renewed interest with the recent expansion will keep this in heavy rotation.

Games I Played and Must Own

Steam over Holland - Hard to come by but I'll keep hoping.

Le Havre - I'm fairly certain this will get acquired soon - it should get more play this week at Mike's and then this coming weekend at Salishan.

We the People - Technically I already have this on order (Washington's War) - hopefully the new version holds up with this classic.

Chicago Express - High production quality combined with a solid game make this an easy decision.

Battle for Hill 218 - Great two player abstract? wargame? - who cares, this is a fun game.

Game I'll Need to Try Again Before I Buy

Batavia - I'm worried that this is in the Thebes niche and won't get played as much as it should.

Cities - Fun little game but will it grow old quickly?

Municipium - Just didn't jump out at me and say "play me again!"

Games I'm Glad I Tried But Won't Acquire

Toledo - Lighter Wallace fair but not distinct enough from other similar games to hold my interest.

Energie Poker - What can I say - I'm not a collector!

Wealth of Nations - There are better games in this genre.

Supernova - Partly because I'm not a big fan of multi-player sci-fi wargames, partly because there are better options out there when I feel like playing this sort of game.

Comuni - Reminds me of a slightly deeper version of In the Year of the Dragon, and neither one is up my alley.