Sunday at BGG.CON - the exodus begins and gamers try to fit in an as many games as they can before the library closes. Jim had been lugging around his copy of Martin Wallace's Toledo - a game under my radar for some odd reason given how much I enjoy his games.


This is on the lighter end of the Wallace spectrum. My comparison - Ticket to Ride combined with Aladdin's Dragon without the blind bidding. How's that? Check out the 'geek if you need a more detailed description. Fun game that I happened to win but this game didn't jump on my wish list.


Next up was the new Knizia / Valley Games release Municipium with Hamzy and Jasen Robillard. The production quality is very high on this game (but pink as a player color?).


The game - I'm not sure what to think. This is certainly a deeper Knizia release compared to what we've seen lately and that is very welcome. Still, this isn't Amun Re or Tigris & Euphrates - there's a decent amount of player chaos in the game as you try to capture majorities to trigger prize attainment or special actions. I'll have to try this one again before considering a purchase.


Oh, and Jasen let me borrow his nifty 12-24mm wide angle zoom lens for the following shot.


That's it for the day-by-day reports. Next up I'll wrap up all of the games I played in a summary report.