A Face for Radio

I've managed to have my voice show up in a couple of interesting places lately. First, my friends over at Distinction Communication had me record a radio spot for them promoting an upcoming public seminar. We've sent about 30 people through this training at Corillian - these guys are top-notch and if you need to up the ante for business public speaking you should check these guys out. This spot has been running for the past 2 weeks on 1190 KEX here in Portland.

Second, I was interviewed by good friend and co-worker Scott Hanselman for his Hanselminutes podcast Board Gaming for Programmers. In this podcast Scott, Eli Smith, and I introduce Scott's geek programmer audience to another world of geekiness - modern boardgames. Scott tells me he's focused on the WAF (wife acceptance factor) and introducing his wife Mo to 10 Days in Africa and hopes to try Jambo and Settlers soon. I think that's a good order - Jambo is a great two-player game (though not trivial to learn) but don't wait too long to try out Settlers!