Jacob and I spent Saturday and Sunday up at Nanitch Lodge with our Boy Scout troop. This is the sixth straight year I've been to a scout outing up on the mountain, but my first time spending the night in the lodge. We shared the lodge with three other local troops and had a blast. The weather was perfect (highs in the low 30s), we got a nice blanket of snow on Saturday, and the snow tubing was exciting as always (and no injuries!). Here's a great shot of Jacob getting some air.

Jacob Tubing

Last night Julie and I walked over to Matthew's school to see his big 4th grade play on the history of Oregon (__My Oregon Report by Ralph Nelson). Matthew played Thomas Jefferson - the guy who swindled Napoleon out of the Louisiana Purchase and set Lewis and Clark off on their way to Oregon. Matthew did a great job acting and singing and we are very proud of him.

Matthew as Jefferson