Pizza Box Football and Doom: the Boardgame

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Time to catch up on some session reports. Two weekends ago, the boys and I broke out Pizza Box Football to play during the conference championship games (Tivo'd, of course). We played a simulated playoff (Steelers vs. Broncos, Seahawks vs. Panthers) and Superbowl using the expansion rules and teams.

Pizza Box Football

This is a great little game - one of the best football simulations I've played. I'm not sure the expansion rules add much other than confusing extra cross-references, though the choices of more offensive plays (play action, screen, draw) and higher risk defenses (blitzes) are a nice touch. Some may say simulation is too strong a word for this game as it doesn't even try to simulate individual player actions. What the game does simulate is the play-calling of football.

Yes, there's a decent amount of luck in the game. I was reminded of this repeatedly in my game with Matthew.

Pizza Box Football and the Luck of Matthew

Yesterday the boys and I tried out scenario 2 of Doom: the Boardgame. This game hasn't seen very much action, partly because it is a bit longish and partly because it seems pretty hard for the heroes to win. I've also been seriously thinking about trying to trade it for Descent, a game I think would come out more frequently.

Doom the Boardgame

It was rough going for the marines this time around; perhaps I was too hard on them but I just can't hold back. They made it to section 2 but were soon overwhelmed and I accumulated 6 frags to end the game. It was a fun experience and I don't want to sound too harsh on the game.