I checked out Greg Aleknevicus' Games for Sale list and found a few things I wanted for a reasonable price - plus he was having a buy 2 get 1 free sale! So this is what I ordered; they arrived yesterday and I hope to play at least two of them over the weekend:

  • Amazing Labyrinth - this sounded like a great, light kids game that the family would enjoy.
  • Quebec 1759 - I'm becoming a sucker for those Columbia Games block games. I'm fairly certain this was the first block game published - this guy apparently agrees. This one came out in 1972, and the version I got is the original. Chris Farrell put together a nice "best of" geeklist for Columbia Games.
  • Tally Ho - Another of the Kosmos two-player small box games. This was effectively my "free" game. Haven't tried it yet, but reviews are mostly favorable.