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I don't write about technology too much in this forum, but every once in a
while I like to plug some cool toys or tools that I find useful.

First, have a look at Plaxo. The company was founded
by Sean Parker, one of the original Napster guys. If you have problems keeping
your electronic address book up to date, and you want to make sure the people
in your address book are notified automatically when your contact info
changes, then this is the tool for you.

Second, I've been using a trial version of
TaskLine this week, and I'm getting pretty close
to making a purchase. My calendar at work tends to get co-opted by meetings
scheduled by other people, only some of which are worth my time. Most days,
there's little time left over to do real work. TaskLine will take the tasks
you enter in Outlook (you must provide work estimates with your tasks, e.g.,
"Call Bob" will take 15 minutes) and TaskLine will conveniently fill in your
calendar with the task items. It also gives a tremendous amount of control to
the user over how it operates. Why didn't I think of this?