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Julie, Jacob, Matthew, and I sat down for a game of
Piratenbucht this
afternoon. It was a busy day with other activities, but with 3 hours free in
the afternoon it sounded like a great idea. This is probably our most played
family game with all four of us - a fun dice fest with a great theme.

My strategy was mostly avoidance of the other players, and it worked out well.
I didn't have to fight anyone until I had built up my ship, and then I
couldn't lose. I raced out ahead in fame points and quickly became a target
for everyone else. I also didn't make any friends by tipping off the Royal


Jacob had terrible luck - if he wasn't fighting a stronger player, he had to
face Blackbeard. We play with the variant where Blackbeard moves either 1 or 2
islands after the players have moved, so you never know where he's going to
end up (though he is easy to avoid). Sometimes you just really want to get
that treasure on an island where he may be headed though.

At game end, I thought I had it wrapped up - an eight point lead on the
closest competitor (Julie), with only tall tales to reveal. I only had one (I
discovered Atlantis), but Julie racked up 10 points! The picture below is
where Julie revealed that she was, in fact, Blackbeard all along.


We were running out of time, so we declared me the winner since I had more
gold. I think we were supposed to fight another head-to-head battle, which she
probably would have won.