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I gave Jacob and Matthew a project a few weeks ago - write down what your 5 or
10 favorite games are with reasons. I promised to publish them, so here is
Jacob's list.

Star Wars Epic Duels

I like this game because of the neat miniatures and the cool battling. It is
fun with a lot of people. It is hard to choose who to attack.

Age of Mythology

I like this game because there are a lot of strategies to choose. I learned
that you can't focus on one person to attack if you are playing with three or
more players. That is why my dad won when we played for the first time.


I like this game because of the cool way to resolve battle. It is interesting
because it almost equal. You have more of a chance of winning if you put more
guys in though.

I'm The Boss!

I like this game because of its neat way of negotiating. It is sometimes hard
to get people to get into deals though. It's hard to get a good cut of a share

Tigris & Euphrates

This game is fun because you have to have a lot of different victory cubes to
win. I learned that you can't build monuments too early in the game because
your opponent could capture them immediately.