Chris and I running the Keuka Outlet Trail

less than 1 minute read

Had a fantastic Sunday morning 12 mile run on the Keuka outlet trail with my friend Chris. He is a die-hard marathoner, having logged well over 200 in his li...

Wednesday What’s Up

3 minute read

How I Get My News I’ve put myself on a fairly significant news diet a month or two ago, even turning off my NY Times daily emails. I’m down to just two emai...

The $5,000 decision to get rid of my past

less than 1 minute read

Ben Kuchera: The games weren’t bringing me joy; they were just ghosts trapped inside jewel cases. The collection was a weight I was dragging from house to ho...

A Typical Keuka Rehab Project

less than 1 minute read

Julie just applied a clear coat of exterior varnish to much of our porch furniture.