Keuka Lake, Week 1

We are a week into our 6-week stay at Keuka Lake, and the pace is intoxicating. Rather than trying to squeeze in every possible activity over a 7-10 day spri...

Europe 2008 - Bulge Tour, Day 2

Day 2 of our Bulge tour was geared more to accommodating our tourists stops, so there was not much rhyme or reason to the sites we visited.

My Office for the Next 6 Weeks

About a year ago Julie and I committed to spending a full 6 weeks at Keuka Lake in 2008, and we are making it happen. This meant no baseball for the boys thi...

Europe 2008 - Bulge Tour, Day 1

Apologies for turning these Europe posts into a drawn out series of publications not unlike a pulp serial series.