One of my trusted internet services is Instapaper, a simple tool to save web pages for reading later. In today's CNN and Facebook-inspired short attention span world, it sure is nice to take the time and read long form journalism.

There are several ways that I discover interesting stories to read:

  • Via RSS, entries in my news reader that are longer-form reads (yes, that means you Doug) or point to other long form articles.
  • I don't do Twitter anymore, but I subscribe (via RSS) to the Longreads Twitter stream

When I encounter an article (on my desktop, iPhone, or iPad) I simply click the bookmarklet installed by Instapaper and the article is added to my unread list in Instapaper. When I launch the iPad or iPhone Instapaper app it syncs everything up and I'm ready to go for offline reading. If you have a Kindle or other eBook device you can probably have Instapaper just email the articles to your device.

Here are the 20 most recent articles I pulled into Instapaper:

  1. A Boy Named Dug: Fighting Formations Replay - Scenario 7
  2. Pentecostal Services at Trinity Episcopal-FTW!
  3. As if You Don't Have Enough to Read -
  4. Long Exposure Photography Technique Explained
  5. DAILY REVIEW: Little Churches Everywhere: California's Evangelical Conservatism
  6. Fantasy Flight Games [News] - Martell's Joust Triumph
  7. 15 Minutes of Prayer at City Bible Church
  8. In which we take a break from reality at the Alice Street Spiritualist Church
  9. Life After Zionist Summer Camp | The Awl
  10. Martha! The Herd Needs a'Thinnin'!
  11. HealthWatch: Sitting Vs. Smoking « CBS San Francisco
  12. iOS 5: What you need to know | Mobile | Macworld
  13. 1987 NFL replacement players - a generation of fans doesn't know about them, but to the players, it doesn't matter. They're part of history. - ESPN
  14. The Anosognosic's Dilemma: Something's Wrong but You'll Never Know What It Is (Part 1) -
  15. The Last Father-Daughter Road Trip -
  16. Put This On • Q and Answer: What Color Shoes Should I Wear With...
  17. Court: Passwords + Secret Questions = 'Reasonable' eBanking Security -- Krebs on Security
  18. iCloud's real purpose: kill Windows « I, Cringely
  19. Put This On • The Necktie Series, Part VIII: Taking Care of Your...
  20. 12 steps for surviving a privacy breach investigation | Healthcare IT News