BGG.CON - Day 3

1 minute read

Friday started with a mini photography meetup with Mark Hamzy, Jeff Jones, and me. We enjoyed chatting about equipment, lenses, and Sony vs Canon.

BGG.CON - Day 2

3 minute read

Day 2 (Thursday) was a day of longish games - a series of 3-4 hour plays that were very rewarding. Jim and I hung out around registration and played The Batt...

BGG.CON - Day 1

1 minute read

Thanksgiving weekend gives me a chance to catch up on my BGG.CON posts. As much as I’d like to crank these out while at the convention, gaming takes preceden...

Jacob, KC, and a little Beatles action

less than 1 minute read

Enjoy: Norwegian Wood - KC, Jacob, Chris and Julie from Chris Brooks on Vimeo. We need a drum section - Matthew hopes to take care of that by m...