What I’m Contemplating

  • The 4 questions you should stop asking during your one-on-one meetings – I like this list! I was always looking for ways to improve my one-on-ones and take things off script.
  • Oral history of David Bote’s epic walk-off grand slam – My Cubs are having another solid season, with the best record in the NL right now and an inside track to the playoffs. Still, it doesn’t feel like they are doing that well and I’m not sure why. Maybe Kris Bryant’s absence? Some struggles with starting pitching? Anyhow, this Bote kid has had a big start to his major league career.
  • Panic Attacks – Love that events like this are being discussed more openly, hopefully without attached stigma.
  • Baku bits, what to see in Baku – Color me interested. To me Baku has always been “an objective though shalt seek in an east front WWII war game.” Now I want to visit.
  • Oregon senators, political leaders honor McCain’s life, legacy – McCain wasn’t perfect (who is?), but I admire that he spent his life seeking truth and was willing to adjust his views with new information. He also had a small dose of courage.
  • Duty Honor Country – I didn’t know that Fred Wilson grew up on West Point, where my younger son is currently in his senior (first class) year. These are appropriate comments on John McCain, but I couldn’t help but reflect on MacArthur’s duty, honor, country speech he gave at West Point in 1962. I’m surprised that MacArthur is still revered at West Point - there’s a prominent statue and of course his famous speech worked its way into the ideals held by this fine institution. It doesn’t take a lot of research into his actions from the start of WWII until his sacking by Truman 1951 to see how much of a threat he was to our democracy, and how he set exactly the wrong precedent for future military leaders. Do your own homework, but for starters he (1) attempted to undermine civilian leadership of the military on multiple occasions, (2) intentionally suppressed intelligence for the sole purpose of supporting his own poor conclusions, and (3) failed to own his own mistakes and instead tried to cast off blame to his subordinates and politicians.

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Where I’m Hiking

  • We finally hiked Grimes Glen in Naples after a big rainful and it was easy and spectacular.
  • Tannery Creek Falls – Tannery Creek was even better than Grimes. See photo at the top of this post.

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