We are living in a time warp. New games to us are the games from last year, so by playing stuff that has held up we are avoiding stinkers. This is what Thursday and Friday looked like: 

  • Disc World: Ank Moopork -- Taught this to Bob and Jim. This is good chaotic fun and I'm happy to own it. 
  • Eclipse -- Highlight of the weekend so far. Streamlined space exploration and combat that plays in under 3 hours. We had a great teacher that stepped up and helped us get started. 
  • Settlers of America -- I like these historical Settlers variants. This is a race style game with a delivery element. 
  • Qwirkle -- played this while waiting to start our 1860 game. Fun abstract that Julie would like. 
  • 1860: Isle of Wight -- Small map 18xx that Jim and I agreed to play before the con. Great fun and Bob squeezed out a solid victory. Played for 8 hours! 
  • Redshirts -- funny cards in a crappy game. Played this convention giveaway game while eating room service dinner in Bob's room. 
  • Power Grid: England and Ireland -- this is one of the newer maps. Still love this game! 

Right now we are playing Castles of Burgandy which I own and like more with each play.