Judging from the traffic this blog still gets I think I owe my audience much more frequent updates than I’ve been providing (here I am talking about blogging again and not football). I’ll try to do better.

I owe you a recap of how the 2010 season finished. Short summary: we won the championship for our division, one of four 8th grade varsity teams to win championships in the Tualatin Valley Youth Football league (TVYFL). Interestingly, both Sherwood teams won championships, showing just how deep that 8th grade (now incoming freshman) class was.

TVYFL did a nice highlight film of our championship game (see embed below). The game against Tigard started off very slow (remember, we lost to them earlier in the season) with them driving easily to the endzone with their strong running game in the first quarter. Our kids stepped up with some hard-nosed football on both sides of the ball and eventually ran away with it 42–14.

Honestly I felt the game was closer than the score indicated, and Tigard losing their star receiver at halftime (who beat us in the first game) didn’t help them at all.

I also made a highlight reel of our full season:

That championship game was likely the last time I’ll ever coach my own son in football. I can’t stay away from the game though and signed up for another year of coaching the eight graders. More on that soon.