Dungeons and Dragons - Then and Now

I first introduced Jacob and Matthew to Dungeons and Dragons towards the end of 2003, and shortly thereafter we started a D&D 3.0 campaign with Ken and Brandon Rude. I posted about 5 years ago about our transition from D&D 3.0 to 3.5.

Starting our Session

Over time our sessions grew less and less frequent. We had hoped to conduct a full campaign using Shackled City with the 3.5 ruleset, but a combination of infrequent play and the subsequent release of D&D 4.0 set that aside. The 4th edition was released in 2008 and Ken and I independently had opportunities to try out the new system and immediately fell in love. It simplified the core mechanics and made it feel similar to lighter-weight dungeon crawl board games such as Descent while retaining the epic campaign feel that keeps us coming back for more.

So... we started all over with a D&D 4th edition campaign, using the wonderful online tools from Wizards to handle character creation and printing. Unfortunately we stalled out for an entire year - baseball, football, basketball, and drama clubs have a way of taking precedence over activities like this.

20110122-New Camera-8

We are back in the swing though and got together last weekend for a six hour session. We are in the midst of the canned adventure Thunderspire Labyrinth and should finish it with one more long session. And I'm still using my wookie miniature for D&D!