First Class?

I'm a United 1K class member (meaning I earn at least 100,000 qualifying miles in a year - two trips to Israel, a trip to Brussels, and a trip to Germany virtually guarantee this) so often get upgraded to 1st class when I do my frequent travel-to-the-east-coast-for-a-two-hour-meeting trips. I often use this time to catch up on emails (though this is not nearly as critical now that I'm a GTD cult member - now, I use the time to knock off @offline next actions), reading, and weblog posts.

You would think laptop power would be available in first class. I'm well equiped with a universal power adapter including car and airplane DC power conversion, but alas no joy even in first class. What I do notice is what used to be a power receptacle now covered with a screwed-on plate. Come on - many American Airlines planes have power even in coach. Portland is a long ways from everywhere so unless I carry 1 or 2 spare batteries with me I'm stuck.