Der Elefant

Trying out the Amigo card game Der Elefant here in the conference room at the Arosa. This is about the classic "elephant in the china shop" story (? I thought it was a bull).

According to Erik it has a series of scoring rounds similar to Too Many Cooks. I've played that game and have no clue what he's talking about, so I'll ask what to do each turn. Interesting element: everyone plays with their cards face up, so there's no hidden information in the game.

We are now scoring our first round and I have no idea what I've done except I scored the worst. Apparently I score my own china shop and I get to choose whether to count it as the lowest in each color, highest in each, highest overall, or sum of a total color.

Like many German card games the subtleties are... well, subtle. You've got to play a game or two to understand how to control the scoring. At least that's my excuse.

Second round - scored ALL of my cards for 26, which seems like a decent score. And I'm hardly paying attention (I'm blogging after all).

Third round - things are going really well. Scored highest in each color for a 22, which is very decent. Even excellent.

Final round - did well again and won the game with 75. Have no idea why. Hmmmm.