Sitting Down for Dinner at the Manda

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We have our crew plus Matthias and Ina Catrain - Matthias is our artist for Incan Gold. I'm sipping a Paulaner Weissbier and we are having some great conversation. Cool note - most of the waitresses you'll see along our street are wearing our "Gamers do it 24/7" buttons. Another good day - sold out of the Havoc expansion and we are running out of Havoc. 24/7 did well - sold about 30 today and we shipped a bunch to Funagain. We need to project final sales and send the rest out tomorrow. Had a great meeting with the folks at Kosmos who are thinking of adding 24/7 to their abstract line (Ubongo and Ingenious). We'll see but Wolfgang Ludtke seemed to like the game. And they like the multiplayer / partner aspect. All I bought today: Vallhala for Mike and 3 copies of Bohnanza and saboteur for the games class. Very restrained I must say. Oh, and KC's dad's name is Marty not Mary (if you looked at the photos). Till next time...