There are a few new(er) ones on the block worth mentioning:

  • Lumbersmiths - Jeff has been a long-time reader of my weblog and is now recording the adventures of his own gaming group down in Dallas (hey, we need to hook up at BGG.Con!). So far he's doing a fine job - I especially like the photos.
  • Gone Gaming by Boredgamegeeks - This looks promising. While similar to the GameWire collection of weblogs, there are two things that stand out as better for me: I can read all of the entries together at the site, and the RSS feed has full content. I understand why GameWire does not (they want to direct traffic to GameFest), but reading postings offline is a must for me so full-content RSS feeds == goodness.
  • &games - Not a new weblog, but I only recently discovered it. Coldfoot does a nice job and has some entertaining commentary.