GameSpy has a pretty humorous interview of Stephen Colbert (of Daily Show fame) relating his experiences playing Dungeons & Dragons as a youth. He got into the game about the same time I did. Favorite quote:

I had an eleventh-level paladin (it took me years to advance those levels) whom I took on Expedition, and he got the Power Armor, which was the big thing to get in that module. But he also went a little power mad. On the next campaign we saw merchant caravans crossing the desert, and my character flew down and landed next to a merchant and tore off the guy's head.

The DM informed me that I was not a paladin anymore.

I said, "Oh, shit, I forgot. I'm lawful good!"

DM: "Yeah, and the gods are angry. So you're not a paladin anymore. You can start again as anything you want, but that character's done."