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I don't play collectible card games (CCGs) much any more. If I do, it is
usually with pre-constructed starter decks or with out-of-print games (like
7th Sea) that I can come by cheaply. I'm not so much of a "board game elitist"
that I won't admit that I love these games though - I just don't have the
patience or time for deck construction. After my first play of the Game of
Thrones CCG yesterday I'm seriously tempted to buy some more cards and dig
into it a bit more.

I found a link to
this pseudo session report from
Fantasy Flight Games about an upcoming non-collectible card game called
Frenzy. What makes this game
different is the real-time aspect:

The key to Frenzy is the real-time aspect. There are no turns or order to
play. You just lay down the cards as fast as your attention can keep up. The
great thing about this is the game has just enought things going on to strain
your mind, but not so much that you can't keep track.

Sounds pretty cool to me. The website indicates this will have a December
release, but I don't believe it is available yet.