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I enjoyed a fun night of gaming last week while visiting Bellevue/Redmond.
There's a group that meets weekly on Tuesdays at the WizKids
in Redmond, so I headed up from
Portland a little early to join in on the fun. Fantastic group of people -
very welcoming and I hope to return and join the group soon. Let's get to the


This is a simple, fun, pirate-theme game with a bit of luck and a bit of
strategy. Not for deep thinking, but a solid opener. It is hard (for me) to
resist any game with a pirate theme, and this was no exception for me - I
bought a copy of the game from WizKids. The game is for 2-4 players, and each
player is trying to gain the most victory points by boarding galleys. Galleys
have victory points commensurate with the difficulty of capture - based on the
number of cards necessary to attempt a board or the die roll necessary to
successfully complete a board. Player interaction comes in the form of
broadsides, where one player can fire on another and steal or destroy their
cards (provisions), or counter attacks, where a player can try to board a
galley after another player by beating his or her roll.

Apples to Apples

The largest game of Apples to Apples for me so far - at least 12 folks joined
in for two games. Fun stuff, but I was ready to move on the meatier stuff.

Puerto Rico

My second play of this fantastic game - there were 4 of us, 1 veteran, me
(played once), and 2 newbies. I went for a corn strategy but couldn't get
enough to make a difference, and made one bad tactical move during the Captain
phase and shipped the wrong good. I probably would have still finished second,
but would have been much closer to the ultimate winner (the veteran). I hope
to play this again this coming weekend when I host some gaming down in


Another pirate game - arggh. This is better than Corsairs, in my opinion -
more tension and player interaction, and more strategy since you can customize
your ship. I've ordered this from Funagain and can't wait to give it a try with my kids.