We are getting better at pacing ourselves on these extended hiking and camping adventures. We had an 11am bus pass for Zion but we gave it to our camping neighbors, opting instead to head back to St. George to revisit my all-time favorite botanical garden: Red Hills Desert Garden.


I think I know why I love this garden. It immerses us in desert foliage and helps us identify what we are seeing every day, and what we expect to see in the coming days.


For example, this is a silver torch cactus. I guess this is a bad example as I’ve never seen one in the wild. But I’ll know if I see it!


We love roaming through and smelling the desert sage and rosemary. The reptile, bird, and fish life is also abundant. The hills above the garden are worth a visit on their own for rock scrambling, canyon crawling, or getting a view of the St. George landscape.