Off to Philmont

less than 1 minute read

We are headed to Denver today to start our 95 mile backpacking adventure to Philmont. Two days in Denver then we hop on a charter bus down to Cimarron NM.

Backpacking the Four Lakes Trail

2 minute read

Last month we did our last training hike in preparation for 10 days / 96 miles at Philmont starting in late July. We had a small crowd this time -- only fiv...

Backpacking the Eagle Creek - Benson Loop

4 minute read

Last weekend about 19 of us from from Troop 224 in Sherwood, OR ventured to the Columbia Gorge for an overnight backpacking trip on the Eagle Creek / Benson ...

Orienteering at Mt Tabor

2 minute read

I love maps and navigation and have enjoyed teaching orienteering to Boy Scouts in the past. A few summers ago I even took over an orienteering merit badge ...