Football is Life

less than 1 minute read

Or at least it seems that way this time of year, though no regrets. My typical day these days: up at 5:30am, carpool downtown at 6:30am, work until about 4pm...

Wilco in Bend

less than 1 minute read

I saw Wilco in Bend on Saturday night. Check out some nice photos at this guy’s Flickr set. This might be the best concert I’ve ever seen. The last time I sa...

Review: Dragons of Kir

1 minute read

I received a (rare) complimentary copy of a game to review - Dragons of Kir (publisher page). Jacob and I sat down to play last week, and here are my thought...

Video Journal from WBC-West

less than 1 minute read

Dave is producing a video journal of our gaming group wargame retreat in Sunriver. I’ll arrive late Thursday afternoon.