Keuka Routine

Today was our first full day at our family cottages. It takes work to get them livable (for us, and ultimately for guests), but we’ve learned to pace ourselves a bit.

We arrived exactly one day earlier than we did last year (2021), and about a month later than we did in 2020 (pandemic escape from Oregon). The weather here can go from snow flurries to sunny 70s to windy rain, so you have to learn to listen to what’s going on outside and let it guide your work. So today with the sun shining I hit the beach and gathered wood, raked, emptied and removed big barrels from the docks, moved our Sunfish and row boat, and cut the grass. I could have done more but I was tired! And ready for new things.

Just arriving here awakens the sense of possibilities. Oh, I forgot I had those wargames on the shelf! Oh, I need to setup my golf practice area! Those would have to wait though. I cut my hair (so much of it!), changed into my swim suit, and jumped in the lake. Rule #1 of jumping in the lake this time of year: don’t check the water first or you’ll never do it. I think it is still in the 50s. May as well be 33 degrees as you want to get out the second you get in.

I ended the day with a drive over to Lakeside Country Club, my new golfing home, for some practice. The rain and winds set in but that didn’t stop me from an extra 15 minutes practice on the 9th green.

It is good to be home. Can it call it that? Yeah, I think so.