Revisiting the Grandview Trail, Grand Canyon

Grandview trailhead Grandview trailhead

We used our short morning at the Grand Canyon to revisit the Grandview Trail, one of our highlights from three years ago.

This trail is one of several high traffic options (albeit much lower than Bright Angel) to get down into the canyon. If you have the required permits this is a nice start and/or finish to a backpacking trip to explore the depths.

Looking down on Horseshoe Mesa Looking down on Horseshoe Mesa

But you don’t have to descend all the way to have a grand experience. Horseshoe Mesa is a great destination, with great views along the way and abandoned mineral mines on the mesa.

We didn’t have the time or energy for a full six mile round trip, so we dropped in for about 1.5 miles before climbing back to the rim. High heart rates on the climb out!

Now we begin our long journey back east to New York, with stops along the way to see friends and family. We are taking just under two weeks to get home so it will be a leisurely pace.