Exploring San Diego

Hiking near the wall Hiking near the wall

We pivoted to see some friends in San Diego and had a grand time exploring the area.

Our friends were in Imperial City so we camped at the conveniently located Tijuana River Valley Campground. It was a brief stay but we enjoyed hiking up in the hills this morning to get views of San Diego and the Tijuana coastline. Of course we also got a view of the wall, shown above.

View of San Diego from Point Loma View of San Diego from Point Loma

Then we moved on to Cabrillo National Monument on Point Loma. The park was only a few miles away but we had to circumnavigate the entire San Diego bay to get there. The views are spectacular there and we had a sunny sky and blue water day.

Ussie by the tide pools Ussie by the tide pools

Highlight for us was tidepooling at low tide. It wasn’t a minus tide so we couldn’t get far out but there were still crabs, anemones, and lots of bird life.