Signal Peak at Kofa NWR

Chollas at sunset Chollas at sunset

Today we trekked about 13 miles and climbed 3000 feet to the top of Signal Peak in the Kofa NWR. It was hard but amazing.

The night before we drove in from Yuma and went to the top of Palm Canyon drive to walk in to… see the palm trees… in the canyon. It was cool but the highlight was the sunset with cholla cactus (photo above).

Venus over the mountains Venus over the mountains

We drove some more on a road that we really shouldn’t be taking this van on. We plan to sell this van in a couple of months and we finally have it in mostly working order. Thankfully it survived our uncalled for abuse. It was great to be camping in the wild again. Didn’t put the shades down and woke up to the beautiful sunrise with Venus above the mountains.

Julie having lunch on Signal Peak Julie having lunch on Signal Peak

Because we didn’t want to risk damage to the van we parked further away from the trailhead than originally planned. This added 3-4 miles each way and made the final walk home a real slog. But the views and hike through Kofa Queen canyon made it al worth it.

We are headed back to the Phoenix area for some midweek backpacking in the Superstitions.