Thursday Things

What I’m Contemplating

What I’m Playing

  • I played Defiant Russia and wrote a short article about it.
  • I played Red7 with Julie and Ken – it has become a staple and works great even with two players.
  • Julie and I brought out Blokus and of course she crushed me. Don’t get into a land war with Russian and don’t get into an abstract game with Julie.
  • I’m ramping up my ASL play – played Advanced Squad Leader on 2018–01–13, on 2018–01–13 and on 2018–01–19
  • Julie and I played Rummikub which is a staple for us. We even have two copies, just in case.
  • I finally played the solo game Friday and enjoyed it. Will keep ramping up difficulty.
  • Ken and I also played Star Realms, and I should mention that my brother-in-law Dave and I have a continuous string of games going in iOS that has been quite fun and competitive.
  • Julie and I played the very obscure Plext followed by Boggle, two word games. I’m a bit of an ace at Boggle, and Julie beat me in Plext.
  • Sitting in a bar before a movie, Julie and I played Coin Age twice and she beat me both times.
  • I finally returned to my game group’s Tuesday night gaming and played a four hour slog of Gloomhaven. This is a very good legacy / RPG style dungeon crawl game that builds on the D&D and Descent boardgames and adds improved campaigning and a very cool combat system.

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