Thursday Things

What I’m Reading

What I’m Playing

  • I worked in two different Advanced Squad Leader sessions over the past two weeks and will be playing again tomorrow. I’m joining an online league for beginners which will allow me to mix up my playing partners more, hopefully leading to more learning and tactical improvement.
  • Allen and I snuck in a game of Twilight Struggle after our ASL game.
  • Ken, Spence and I took another go at Triumph & Tragedy and we fought it out big time. Whereas last game I won without ever going to war, in this one we were at each other’s throats from 1937 on.
  • We invited neighbors over to teach them Tichu and it went over well.
  • On Thanksgiving we played Wits & Wagers and Power Grid with friends. Power Grid was a big hit with the 4 new players.
  • While Matthew was home we played Dungeons & Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt Board Game and the newish expansion to Dominion, Dominion: Adventures. Adventures is not technically a standalone expansion but we played with only cards from it and liked the new (to us) mechanics.

What I’m Contemplating