Wednesday What’s Up

Let’s try something new.

What I’m Drinking

  • Tried the beer Kapuziner Hefe-Weißbier at Hand + Foot on June 01 2017. Gave it a rating of 4. Great lunchtime beer; refreshing and rich. Hand + Foot is a cool little bistro in the market district in Corning, NY. We were in the area to do some grocery shopping.
  • Julie and I purchased a “beer share” (!) at Steuben Brewing Company which is just up the hill from us here at Keuka Lake. For $36 we get 6 fills of a 750 ml wine bottle style growler, which is a good size for the two of us. Unfortunately the only way we get notified about new beers that are ready is on Facebook, which…
  • In honor of the passing of Roger Moore, I made a martini last weekend using his recipe. I used a different vermouth, but it didn’t matter - tasted awesome. Putting the drink back in the freezer is a good way to make sure it is ice cold. I’m going to test to see if keeping the gin in the freezer to start with is just as good.

What I’m Playing

  • I’m still mildly obsessed with Advanced Squad Leader and am looking to play at least once per week on VASL while I’m here at the lake. Played with a new online friend last week and got destroyed playing the Strayer’s Strays scenario. I have a lot to learn but it is very useful playing experienced players. Want a game? Just drop me a line.
  • Julie and I are getting in almost nightly two-player gaming. Lately it has been mostly 7 Wonders Duel which Julie dominates in. We also mix in Five Crowns.
  • We are off to Maine for five days, but on return we plan to play Tzolk’in.

What I’m Watching

Keuka Lake in May/June means lots of catching up on TV series that Julie and I watch together. So far this is Silicon Valley, House of Cards and Halt and Catch Fire. We just started watching The Leftovers. Four episodes in and we have no idea what is going on, but the journey is fun.

I also watched a few single shot Netflix exclusives:

  • War Machine (2017) – Not a great film as I couldn’t figure out whether to love Brad Pitt’s performance or laugh at it. Still, a worthwhile satire and statement on the USA approach to counter-insurgency over the past 50 years. Hint: it doesn’t seem to be working.
  • Sarah Silverman A Speck of Dust – Julie and I watched this last weekend and enjoyed it. Plenty of laugh-out-loud humor. Sarah is brilliant. She also looks the same today as she did when she was in School of Rock.

What I’m Reading

I read and recommend a ton of long- and short-form articles every week. Follow me on Pocket to track what I’m reading there. For those of you interested in leadership and tech industry articles, you might want to see my weekly Sunday links posting.