I don’t write much here any more – too much time writing on other places on the Internet. I at least used to be frequent about travel writing here, but Julie does most of that now over on Plan, Pack, Go.

The Wing-T football work is still fun and growing. It isn’t a supporting income by any stretch, but I love writing and talking about football so making some money helping other coaches is a nice small payoff. And I’m very excited to be coaching again this coming season: 8th grade with the Lincoln Youth Football organization in Portland. Blending the nerdy and tech world, I’ve got over 70 coaches using Slack each week to collaborate on improving their Wing-T football coaching skills.

I’ve started another business, this one focused on technology leadership development. The site is named Tech Leader Level Up, and is also where I’m hanging my shingle out for interim Chief Technology Officer / VP of Engineering work and related consulting.

For now I’m delivering my technology leadership training in person (to two different companies so far), but my long-term goal is to feature it primarily as an online delivery. Julie and I don’t mind traveling on-site, but eventually the scale and time requirements will limit the amount of students I can reach.

On the interim leadership front, I’m a part-time CTO over at Groupees, an online marketplace for digital entertainment products run by a friend and former Corillian co-worker. It is a fairly simple site but with solid growth and a very loyal following.