Summer Camp - Camp Gorton

The boys and I spent last week (hah! last month - can you tell how long it is taking me to get through the write/edit cycle for posts?) at Camp Gorton on Lake Waneta. We joined up with a local Bath, NY scout troop (Troop 59) and they were great hosts. I was one of the two assigned adult leaders for the troop so I was able to get some great interactions with the boys.

Camp Gorton-434.jpg

This was Jacob's third summer camp and he decided to focus much of his time on the lifesaving merit badge, arguably one of the most difficult badges to earn in scouting. He had an amazing instructor and loved the experience. This is also a required merit badge for Eagle scout (he will be Life scout by the end of the month) so this puts him on track to finish Eagle by his 15th birthday.

Camp Gorton-61.jpg

He spent the afternoons earning his rifle shooting and orienteering merit badge. Jacob is a pretty good shot - scouts must demonstrate competence by "qualifying" at the range. Jacob was the first in camp to qualify, doing so on his second day there.

Camp Gorton-351.jpg

Matthew's schedule mirrored Jacob's - he spent the mornings on the waterfront earning swimming and rowing merit badge, then moving to the archery range in the afternoon followed by 1st aid. Matthew was also the first scout in camp to qualify for archery merit badge, completing his qualification on Wednesday.

Camp Gorton-448.jpg

Matthew had a doctor teaching his first aid merit badge, a great instructor who was great with kids.

Camp Gorton-348.jpg

This shot is of the dedication plaque at the archery range. If you look closely, you'll see Lloyd Saxton on it - that's Julie's grandfather. He made a contribution to their fundraising campaign in the 80s and the mark is still there.

Camp Gorton-76.jpg