I'm sitting here in Carey's bathroom while Carey, Linda, Lorna, and Erik work on packing our various leftovers (not many!) and acquisitions into our return luggage. It might all fit.

I want to say thank you to our booth helpers this year: Lorna, Jim, Marty, Erik, Tim, Carrie, Ben - thank you for your support of Sunriver Games and for donating your time and energy to making it another successful year. We had a great celebration dinner at the Ystra tonight and the wine, food, and Narnia improv by Erik were memorable.

I got in a turn of Pillars of the Earth (Die Saulen der Erde) when Jim had to leave the game early to meet up with Ben. This is a good game and I'm sorry I missed out on getting it (prices were going up during the day as the game was in short supply), but no fear - looks like Mayfair will have an English version early 2007. This is the game to play if you want a shorter version of Caylus with an even stronger graphical design.

I'll do a more in-depth post-Essen report once I return where I can include some photos.