I'm running a weekly morning gaming class for kids at Archer Glen Elementary. On this page you can find a list of games we'll be playing this year as well as links to Funagain Games where you can purchase most of the games. Another local option for finding these games is the wonderful Rainy Day Games store in Aloha. The SimplyFun games listed at the bottom can be purchased through my friend and SimplyFun consultant Mike Deans. This is a page I expect to update from time to time, so I'll keep a permanent link on the home page.

Incan Gold  Buy Incan Gold
Take it Easy    Buy Take it Easy
Pickomino    Buy Pickomino
Family Fluxx   Buy Family Fluxx
TransEuropa  Buy TransEuropa
Bohnanza  Buy Bohnanza
24/7: the Game  Buy 24/7: the Game
No Thanks!  Buy No Thanks!
Carcassonne: the Discovery  Buy Carcassonne: the Discovery
Tag 6! Ta 6!  Buy Tag 6! Ta 6!

From SimplyFun games:

Buy Walk the Dogs

Buy Eye to Eye Jr.