Been listening to some good music lately, so here's a follow up to my music post from late last year.
* Josh Rouse's Nashville - wow, I didn't expect to see Rouse improve on 1972, but this album is a masterpiece and has been on constant rotation for me over the past 2 months. Favorite tracks: "Streetlights", "It's the Nighttime", and "Sad Eyes."
* The Duhks - it's hard to categorize this eclectic band from Manitoba - think bluegrass, folk, soul, with some latin beats mixed in. Favorite tracks: "Four Blue Walls", "Everybody Knows", and "True Religion".
* Patty Griffin's Impossible Dream - Her debut Living with Ghosts is one our family favorites and I figured it was time to see what she's been up to lately. There's some good material here but it will take a few more listens for me to solidify an opinion. Favorite tracks: "Kite Song", "Top of the World".