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Jacob has the opportunity at school to do some extra projects (reading
assignments, math, and now science). He designed an experiment around plant
growth with different watering conditions. The question he wanted to answer
was "how does the temperature of the air and water affect the growth of pea
and bean plants." His hypothesis was that the plants would only grow with warm
air and cool (not hot) water. So he planted four seeds outside and four inside
(two each of bean and pea).

He did some great work on this project, taking digital photos and tracking
progress along the way. He also did most of the computer work for his final
report poster, including some nice work in Microsoft Publisher. Here he is
finishing the final report.

Oh yeah - the results. As you might suspect, hot water doesn't help seeds
grow, and the cold air outside didn't help much either. The seeds he planted
inside and watered with cool water grew very well.